Eutectic is a metalworking practice which produces objects at the intersection of product design, engineering and architecture. Eutectic engages in prototyping and material research to assist artists and architects from the initial design phase to realization of bespoke projects.

Based in Anderlecht, Eutectic works with an extended network of companies, combining industrial production knowhow and craftsmanship.

Eutectic was founded in 2020 by Pierre Eyben. Pierre studied architecture and engineering at the KULeuven, graduating in 2011, and followed an apprenticeship in metalworking afterwards. He has worked as architect and engineer for various offices in Belgium, gaining metalworking experience on the side and cooperating with other craftsmen. Currently he works part-time as structural engineer at Ney&Partners/WOW and devotes the rest of his time to Eutectic.

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